Album: Time of the Apocalypse (2018)

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Song: The Time is Upon Us

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Kaiser is a is dark ambient band whose music is epic symphonic and black. Kaiser has been politically
opinionated from the the very start. Despite this fact modern political jargon has not found its way in to
Kaisers lyrics. Rather the message is expressed in the style of Black Metal which is aggressive and
ancient by nature. Kaiser expresses the apocalypse of industrialization and capitalism in the form of
tales that take place in a fantasy world where demons and fantastical creatures are real and the earth has
a temper.
Kaiser is pro technocratic and heavily utilizes modern technology. However Kaisers artistic, musical
and lyrical presence has thus far always remained ancient. Telling tales of places and demons from a
world of fantasy that has not been tainted by modern technology.
Beyond the aggression and ancientness of Black Metal Kaiser has a strong Gothic and Doom element.
Expressing sadness in often mournful compositions that are usually written in minor. Immersing the
listener in a fantasy world that will bring both joy and sadness. A world of both beauty and despair.
Gothic anthems that speak empathetical to the sad and the depressed.
There is clearly a love for ancient paganism being expressed in kaisers music, which makes itself
apparent throughout many of Kaisers songs. Unlike in many other Black Metal bands There have not
been any targeted anti christian themes in kaisers music. However throughout Kaisers existence
continuous comments have been made on Kaisers website questioning both the morality and existence
of god. Supernatural themes are constantly present in Kaisers music, but in reality Kaiser can best be
described as agnostic.